You know what that iconic line from the movie “Taxidriver” says right? You are as healthy as you feel. And we assure you that our breakfasts – yes, there is sausage and eggs, aloo paratha, fusion and more- will make you feel really, really good! Just tap and app!


Who said breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Bull’s ears. We say Lunch has to be the most crucial meal of the day. Why? Because you already had a meeting and you are going in one that’ll last for hours. The least a human deserves is the power of great meals to make him superman like through the day. Take a look at our delish meals that’ll drive the dabba out of you!


India wouldn’t be half as cool without its array of snacks that become the shai to our chai, the “adda” to our weekends and the chakna to our…well! You know that bit. Then again, there is our 4’0 clock office tea with big boss bashing and small time cravings. We’ve got that covered- from quintessentially Indian to very pardesi- all of it, delivered at yours.


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