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Imagine watching your favorite team play while you're feasting on your favorite treats. Now imagine your team wins and your food is paid for.

Well, that’s the world of Faasos Cheer!


To participate, you must Cheer for the teams that you want to support! To do so, place an order on the day of the match and use the Coupon code of the team that you are supporting.

If the team you support wins, so do you!! You will be entitled to win the following cashback(s):

  • Group Stage Matches ( Upto round of 16 ): Get 20% cashback upto Rs. 50 ( 25% cashback upto Rs. 75 if you are an Elite customer )
  • Quarter Finals: Get 25% cashback upto Rs. 75 ( 30% cashback upto Rs. 100 if you are an Elite customer )
  • Semi Finals: Get 30% cashback upto Rs. 100 ( 40% cashback upto Rs. 150 if you are an Elite customer )
  • Finals: Get 40% cashback upto Rs. 150 ( 50% cashback upto Rs. 200 if you are an Elite customer ) What is Faasos Elite?
Please select the team to see the coupon code
Coupon Code:


  • Customers should only Cheer for / Support a single team for every match. Customers found to place multiple orders with both codes will not be considered for the rewards.
  • Orders should be placed either before the match or before the start of the 2nd innings of the match.
  • Codes are applicable on regular menu items at Faasos and not on Combos, Beverages or MRP products.


Now that you've scrolled down, we'll tell you, you've done good!

Get aboard our FaasosCheer giveaway truck - share your photos with your Faasos meal and tag @faasos with #FaasosCheer. Tell us which code are you using to let us know which team are you supporting. That's it!

If you're not the one to read much, here's how to participate:

  • Orderred Faasos? Chose your codes? Nice! Now take a photo with your Faasos meal
  • Share it on your social networks tagging Faasos, #FaasosCheer & the code of your supporting team

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