Faasos Elite is our loyalty programme designed to extend indulgences to customers who love Faasos products, and thus frequently experience our products and services. It is just a small gesture to express our gratitude and give back the immense happiness that our power customers give us.

Boss Around
Order now, Pay later with our new payment option
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Feel Priviliged
Prioritized delivery
Bonus Credits
125 credits to Elite customers on a successful Invite.
Free Dessert
Free dessert on every 5th order.
Feel Awesome
Get premium deals from our partners.
Food Diaries
Power to Elite: Decide what India eats!
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Free Birthday Gift
Get meals worth 100/- in your birthday week.
(Please fill your Birthday data on app)
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How to become Elite?

(No We don’t need to know your bank balance or genealogy)

To become part of Faasos Elite, transact for more than 1800/- within 60 days.

How to keep being an Elite?

(There is no Darwinian survival of the fittest contest)

After you become an Elite, transact for more than 1200/- within 60 days and retain your elite status.

How to restore your Elite status?

(Why would you ever let that happen!!)

Transact for more than 1800/- within 60 days, and become an Elite again.


Our food tasting event to unveil our upcoming launches to Elite. Snippets of the pioneer Food Diaries held in Mumbai.

Contact us at elite@faasos.com for any queries.

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